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'Vintage Baby' is a collection of vintage style unmounted rubber stamps. This collection features two photo rubber stamps of babies, a crown, borders, butterflies and two leaf designs - a total of 9 designs.

The images shown below are not actual size. The measurements are listed below. Stempelglede rubber stamps are high quality, very detailed, deeply etched stamps made with natural gum rubber.

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Vintage Baby

Unmounted rubber stamp sheet. Just cut out your stamps and mount as desired.

Please note; two of the images are photo rubber stamps. The images are made of tiny dots, and when using the right kind of ink and paper it looks like a photo. For the best result I recommend using glossy paper or coated paper and dye inks of medium wetness, like Ranger Archival Ink.

For more tips please have a look at my Vintage Baby photo rubber stamp tutorial.

Price: 239,00 NOK
(Free of VAT)

Vintage Baby

1. Crown: 3.9 cm x 2.3 cm
2. Butterfly: 4.5 cm x 2.6 cm
3. Leaf Design: 7.8 cm x 3 cm
4. Butterflies: 3.9 cm x 2.8 cm
5. Baby (Photo Rubber Stamp): 6.5 cm x 9.9 cm
6. Leaf Design (mirrored): 7.8 cm x 3 cm
7. Border: 8.4 cm x 1.7 cm
8. Border: 10.2 cm x 1 cm
9. Baby (Photo Rubber Stamp): 6.3 cm x 9.9 cm

Click the image below or here for my Vintage Baby photo rubber stamp tutorial.

Vintage Baby Photo Rubber Stamp Guide

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